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September 7, 2010 Plan Commission Meeting

Madge Town Hall

Called meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
Plan Commission Board –Roger Koerner, Tim Jung, Ron Rosencran, Jack Olson & Scott Plaster
Clerk – Michelle Jung
Citizens –

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

High Capacity Wells –Next Step: The pumpage report is available on DNR web site. Nate Collar, DNR, suggested contacting the local well drillers and pump installers for information about wells going dry. Will put together a survey to send out to well drillers and pump installers. Questions to ask: How old was the existing well? How deep was the well? How deep is the new well?

Abandoned Wells – Roger will look into a grant available to cap abandoned wells. Ron will check with NWRP and Scott will check with the County about any maps available to find old homesteaded.

Town Owned Property – Ask Town Board about these:
· 12 feet between Rockford House and Gallagers.
· Leesome Lake west of campground-75 feet – it is an easement.
· Morning Side Road by old J&J resort-25 feet – part of a CSM – it is an easement.
· Oak Lake – by Chuck Donatell – this is for people who own property on the lake. Not public or Town owned.
· Big Devils Lake – end of road.
· Alder Lake – No easement or access
· Seymore Lake – Landowners have put up no trespassing signs and a fence. Is it encroachment?

Snowmobile Trail – Jim Dietzel said it was on hold.

Town Road Specifications – Tim will talk to Mike Baker and get specifications.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm


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