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May 9, 2012 Town Board Meeting


Chairman, Mike Baker, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Board, Clerk & Treasurer were present. Citizens present – Roger Koerner, Jerry Nielson and Tim Brabec (County representative). The minutes from the last Board Meeting were read and approved. Treasurer’s report was given.
COUNTY REPRESENTATIVES REPORT: Tim Brabec – update on County Board meetings
CITIZEN COMMENTS: Jay Hands – trenching on Deep Lake road that the Board should look at. Bill Lennox – thanks for putting in dock at Hanks Landing.
PLAN COMMISSION REPORT: Will meet this month to look at Land Division Ordinance
1. Rockford Road Encroachment– Fence at Rick and Emily Genrick’s property is encroaching on the town road. It is also a safety issue. The fence should be moved back to at least the top post for the handrail that is next to the fence. There are also rocks that are placed on the blacktop that need to be removed. Bill Lennox made a motion to send a registered letter to the Genricks stating that the fence needs to be moved back to the start of the handrail post and rocks need to be removed from the blacktop. Seconded by Jay Hands. Motion passed with 3 yes and 0 no.
2. Dock at Hanks Landing –Mike Baker put the dock in. Board should pick dates when it goes in and out and have posted to avoid any problems.
3. Emergency Government – Discussion - Possible names for list of insured contractors – Doug Smith, Derrick Olson, Darren Butterfield, Rod McTaggert. Need to send out a letter to get information and proof of insurance.
4. Open Book/Board of Review – Will get equalized value on Aug. 15. Assessor will be able to get evaluations out after that. The open book and board of review will be sometime in September. May 21, 2012 at 9:00 am – meet to adjourn the board of review. Adjourn until September 12, 2012.
5. Town Road Projects – Mike Baker received estimates from Washburn County for the road projects.
Crachfill/chip seal – 1 ½ miles of Todd road - $38,724
Guardrail on Deep Lake road - $3840
Baker road – pulverize, 3’’ base and shoulder - $36,005 (does not include asphalt)
Costs have increased so need to cut back on other projects like patrolling and gravel
Gravel 6-8 loads on Wolhford, 2 loads on Jesse, and some at Hanks landing.
Meet on site with the new owners of Cranberry Marsh about guardrail and the ditch being dug out
Only bid out for mowing – will not do crack fill on Warren and Wildwood roads
6. Town Hall – Travis Olson will mow the town hall. Repairs: handle on back room door, extension cord to be left at town hall, and drip in ceiling in back room.
7. Operators License – Approved license contingent on all paperwork and training completed and received by clerk. Unanimous consent.
8. Old Business – Census form; Election Inspectors – when meeting for late absentee pay will be 2x salary for 1st hour.
· NWRP – Have funding/grants for projects in town that are improvements – submit the Leesome Lake project -bringing road up to compliance
· North Memorial Ambulance – dues will not go up
· Deep Lake road – Cranberry marsh has water problem in the ditch that they wanted to drain. Ended up changing the ditch and creating a safety issue. Mike Baker will follow through with the owner and have him correct it.
· Car fire on Bid Devils Lake road and Cty. M – small scorch mark on blacktop
· Snowplowing – Mike Baker met with the commissioner. County will not be plowing driveways. Mike asked for an official letter.
BILLS: Jay Hands made a motion to pay all bills as presented. Seconded by Bill Lennox. Motion passed with 3 yes and 0 no.
Next meeting – June 21 Meeting adjourned 9:05pm

This is a copy of the minutes.


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