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March 25, 2016 Town Board Meeting - Road Tour

Road Tour Meeting
Madge Town Hall

Chairman, Mike Baker, called the road tour meeting to order at 12:10 pm. Board and clerk were present.

1st Street – Good
Baker – Swept, Faded curve sign, Brushing, Crack fill east of CTY M
Baker (west) – Swept
Chinty Landing – Garbage, Needs brush clean, Travis is doing repairs on outhouse, Rd sign
Cipra – Pot holes by CTY P intersect need to be cut, 6 loads gravel at both ends (4/2)
Cook – Needs stop sign
Deep Lake – Road sign and post at intersect by lake, Swept, Chip seal spur in future
Deep Lake Boat Landing – Brushed, Improve the landing in future
Devils Lake – Swept, Pot hole towards end
Devils Lake Landing –
Evergreen – Dead end sign
Fenander – Shoulder work needed, Cross cracks need band seal
Golf – Swept, Center line
Gort – Swept
Hanks Landing – 1 load gravel over culvert, stop sign on north end of loop
Hagen – Road sign and post, 1 pot hole
Harmon – Gravel – between swamps and driveways, Todd intersect & T intersect 20-30 loads, night arrow sign and road sign at intersect of Harmon & Harmon Lake Rd.
Harmon Landing – TV in ditch
Hendrickson – Road sign and post, chip seal
Hess – Road sign
Jesse – 3-4 loads gravel at boat landing intersect, brushing
Kirby – 2-3 loads gravel by intersect with Moody
Lakeview – Twisted post, Dead end sign, curve sign, Swept
Langland – 8 loads gravel on north end and corner by Linderts, Curve sign fixed
Leesome – 10 loads fill dirt for shouldering fix, 30; loads gravel between Moody intersection & spots from Moody to Fenander Roads, Road sign and posts at intersect
Moody – 3-4 loads gravel by driveways
Moody Lake Landing – Good
Morningside – 23 loads gravel on Madge part – Will need to work with LL Town
Rockford – Curve sign faded, Swept, Seal & fill cracks, garbage at north intersect, fog seal
Rockford Landing – Concrete in future, free style slab, Needs clean up and brushing
Soholt – Dead end sign and stop sign, Swept
Spur – 2” of gravel needed equals about 12 loads
Todd Park – Swept, Dead end sign and post
Todd – North – Center line, 6 spots need blacktop pave patch, 6 loads gravel on north by Harmon Lake Road
Todd – South – Center line, Surface seal, Need Harmon sign
Warren – Swept
Wildwood – Swept, Culvert plugged, Tires in ditch, Sign needs straightening
Winselman – 6 loads gravel on Madge part - Joint with Long lake Township
Wohlford – New ATV/Snowmobile sign, 8-10 loads gravel

2016 Work Needed

Chip Seal/ Crack Fill – Baker Road, Deep Lake Road (Spur), Hendrickson, Rockford, Todd South,
Wide Band Seal – Fenander
Todd North – 6 spots need blacktop pave patch
Hot Mix Pave – Leesome from Fenander to 4000 feet East (Is a TRIP Project)
Gravel – Cipra (6), Harmon (25-30), Jesse (4), Kirby (3), Langland (8), Leesome (30), Moody (4), Morningside (23), Spur (12), Todd North (6), Winselman (6), Wohlford (10) Total Loads of gravel – 143 Loads
Culverts – Wildwood Plugged
Pot Holes / Patching – Cipra, Devils Lake, Hagen,
Signs / Posts – Baker, Chinty, Cook, Deep Lake, Evergreen, Hanks Landing, Hagen Drive, Harmon (2), Hendrickson, Hess, Lakeview (3), Langland, Leesome, Rockford, Soholt (2), Todd Park, Todd North, Wildwood, Winselman, Wohlford
Mowing – all town roads
Brushing – Baker, Deep Lake Landing, Jesse, Rockford Landing,
Garbage – Chinty Lake, Rockford, Rockford Landing, Harmon Landing, Wildwood
Shoulder Work – Fenander,
Center Line – Golf, Soholt, Todd (North), Todd (South)
Swept – Baker, Deep Lake, Devils Lake, Golf, Gort, Lakeview, Rockford, Soholt, Todd Park, Warren, Wildwood,

2016 Possible Projects:
* Fix Morningside and haul all of the gravel (143 loads), mowing, brushing, signs, wide band seal, blacktop pave patch, prepare Leesome for 2017 paving, sweep, pot holes and patch work, crack or chip seal.
* Hot mix pave of Leesome in 2017 – if TRIP program does not have to be used in 2016

Possibly do all the smaller jobs and wait to hot pave Leesome, if the TRIP program allows.

Town of Madge 5 year Plan:

Pave Leesome Lake Road from Fenander to 4000 feet East – 2017
Pave Leesome Lake Road from where left off to Moody - 2020
Surface Seal Needed - Jesse from CTY B to Boat Landing, Devils Lake, Soholt, Deep Lake from Fenander to loop, Rockford – fog seal.
This is approximately 8 miles - 2017 - 2020
Chip Seal Fenander north of CTY B (Madge part), and Todd north of Baker – 2017/2018
Crack Fill Baker – 2018 / 2019

Meeting adjourned at 1:25 pm


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