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March 14, 2017 Town Board Meeting

Town Board Meeting
Madge Town Hall

The Town Board Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Mike Baker, at 7:00 pm. Board, Clerk and Treasurer were present.
Citizens present – Travis Olson and Roger Koerner
The minutes from the last Board Meeting were read and approved.
Treasurers report was given by Zachary Tranmer.
County Representative – None
Citizen Comments – None
Plan Commission Report – None
Discussion with Possible Action:
1. Building Inspector Contract – 2 year contract which also delegates authority to Jon Mattson for the electronic submissions. Derrick Olson made a motion to approve, seconded by Kevon Cronk. Motion passed with 3 yes and 0 no.
2. Town Roads and Weight Limits – Because of the early weight limits placed on the roads and now the weather getting cold again, chairman has been working with some businesses to get access, if can not wait until road bans are removed. Example – LP trucks, tree trimmers.
3. Road Tour – April 1, 2017 meet at 7:30 am with a meeting after completion of road tour.
4. Town Clean Up – May 20, 2017
5. Annual Meeting – April 18, 2017 at 6:00 pm
6. Plan Commission – Need to do payment for 2016 meetings and need to hold a public meeting for update of the plan. If able to, will have before the annual meeting.
7. Resolution for the Destruction of Material – Clerk is working on this
8. Phone Use During Elections – We need to have a phone available during elections. Unanimous consent of $10 for use of someones cell phone during election.
9. Town Hall – Possible replacing windows in the hall. Bring up at the Annual Meeting.
10. Old Business – None
Correspondence –
Cutting Permit, Access Permit – Jeff Hendryx, trees down after storm & mowing bid
Citizen Comments – Roger Koerner – Levy Limits and Madge General Funds
Bills – Derrick Olson made a motion to pay all bills as presented. Seconded by Kevon Cronk. Motion passed with 3 yes and 0 no.

Next meeting – April 12, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm

This is a copy of the minutes


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