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December 14, 2011 Town Board Meeting


Chairman, Mike Baker, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Board, Clerk & Treasurer were present. Citizens present – Roger Koerner, Dave Nelson, Danielle Jung, and Conner Sprenger. The minutes from the last Board Meeting were read and approved. Treasurer’s report was given.
CITIZEN COMMENTS: Roger Koerner-Question on ambulance going to 24 hr. service
PLAN COMMISSION REPORT: Will present the Land Division Ordinance at the next meeting, with changes. Ron Rosencran is officially done. Nate Coller was at the meeting and is possibly interested in becoming a plan commission member.
1. Election Officials– Clerk presented a list of election workers. Democratic Party submitted two names for the list. Jay Hands made a motion to approve the list of election workers for the 2012/2013 elections. Seconded by Bill Lennox. Motion passed with 3 yes and 0 no.
2. Town Levy – The levy was lowered by $2019.44 because of Wickware’s omitted tax. Found out that it did not need to be lowered. Will hopefully be able to raise the levy back next year.
3. Snowplow List – Mike Baker went over the list with the grader operator and the order for plowing was changed a little.
4. Emergency Management – Jay Hands passed out a report for the Board to go over at the next meeting. Clerk will make copies of the attachment for the workshop.
5. Hazard Mitigation Resolution – Gave Board a copy of the resolution. Will put on agenda for the next meeting.
6. Conceal Carry –Jay Hands talked with WTA and they are not suggesting or advising towns to ban weapons at the town hall.
7. Plat Book Changes – The Board went over changes. Mike Baker will return to County.
8. Treasurers Bond – Will get more information
9. Sign Assessment– Mike Baker has about a quarter of the roads assessed. About 90% of the road signs will have to be replaced. Will need to budget some money and put together a plan for replacing signs. Dave Nelson would like to volunteer to help put up the signs.
10. Town Hall – Snow removal – Matt Jung will not be able to shovel the town hall this year. Will need to find someone else.
11. Old Business –
· WISLR is completed
· Mileage/road certification is completed
· No bill for the tires

· Census Bureau still sending letters
· Cutting Permits
· Leafs on Lakeview Road
BILLS: Bill Lennox made a motion to pay all bills as presented. Unanimous consent to pay any highway bill received before the end of the year, up to budgeted amount. Seconded by Jay Hands. Motion passed with 3 yes and 0 no.

Next meeting – January 11

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm

This is a copy of the minutes.


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