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December 10, 2008 Town Board Meeting


Chairman, Mike Baker, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Board, Clerk, & Treasurer were present. Citizens present: Roger Koerner. The minutes from the last board meeting were read and approved with changes. Treasurer’s report was read.
CITIZEN COMMENTS: Roger K-Dock at Hanks Landing. Chairman said it would be brought up at the annual meeting. Michelle Jung – Would like to get the first responder donation for 2008.
INSURANCE QUOTES: Have quotes from Marsh Ins. and Holden Ins. Bill Lennox made a motion to stay with Holden Insurance. Jay Hands seconded. Motion passed with 3 yes and 0 no.
ELECTION AGREEMENT: Jay Hands made a motion to enter into agreement with Washburn County for election equipment. Bill Lennox seconded. Motion passed with 3 yes and 0 no.
PLAN COMMISSION: Subdivision and Cell Tower Ordinance-The Town Board would like the Plan Commission to not put an ordinance together yet. Would like them to study, educate and gather information on the two ordinances. Would like them to look into implementing the plan, Chapter 9 of the Plan.
1. Todd Park Road: Approached by landowner to vacate the easement. The Board will look into it and put it on the February meeting.
2. Web Page: Signed contract
3. First Responders request: Would like the Town to put a flier out with the taxes. The town doesn’t want to solicit for one organization.
4. Town Hall Repairs-Outhouse-Will Kaufman would like a partial payment. Josh Baker has siding and inside walls to complete, fascia and handrails. Will pay 80%, which is $7352.52 of $9190.65.
5. Old Business:
· TRIP Program – submitted for Devils Lake Road
1) Cutting permits
2) Holding tank in section 19
BILLS: Jay Hands made a motion to pay all the bills. Bill Lennox seconded. Motion passed with 3 yes and 0 no.
Caucus date will be January 17, 2009 at 10:00 am

Meeting adjourned at 9:00.

This is a copy of the minutes.


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