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April 21, 2015 Town of Madge Annual Meeting

APRIL 21, 2015

Chairman, Mike Baker, called the Annual Meeting to order at 6:00pm.
32 citizens present – Mike Baker, Michelle Jung, Travis Olson, Jan Bliss, Jay Hands, Dave Nelson, Jerry Nielson, Dewight Smith, Tony Weber, Shalla Acker, Rick Long, Jannifer Long, Janine Rueter, Kevon Cronk, Gerald McGruger, Tim Jung, Dori Washburn, Judy, Jason & Rose Deburg, Inez Mott, Dean Mott, John Hughes, Derrick Olson, Linnea Olesen, Linda Lennox, Bill Lennox, Sharon Kooper, Jill Rivard, Cindy Bohun, Zachary Tranmer, Joe Sprenger.

The minutes from 2014 Annual Meeting were read and approved.
Jay Hands / Jerry Nielson

Old Business – Mike Baker –
Washburn County Fire Hall update.
Fire Dues Amount
Ambulance – still considering 24 hour service

2015 Road Tour – Mike Baker -
Gravel roads have had breakups and wash outs. Chip seal on Lakeview, Todd Park, Wildwood and Golf roads was not done last year and will get done this year. Also not done last year that will get done this year was the blacktop overlay on Gort road. Other chip seal that needs to be done is 2 miles of Deep Lake road and Todd road from Baker north to Cook road. This might be in 2016 or 2017. Some brushing and mowing of all town roads will need to be done. Everything will be decided at the next Town Board Meeting.
Dori Washburn – Fenander road has a frost heave
Jay Hands – Reflector poles by the Cranberry Marsh culverts on Deep Lake road.

Redistricting – Discussion

Hanks Landing – Eagle Scout Project – New signs, posts and cut brush. Completed by Scout Gabriel Fugeman.
Dave Nelson – Another Eagle Scout project that was completed was call FISH sticks. Fish cribs put in across from Hanks Landing. LLPA funded this project.

Spring weight limit restrictions on Town Roads – Discussion

Donations – In the past years, as directed by the electors, the Town Board has donated $1000 to Hospice, Humane Society, Long Lake First Responders, Evergreen Cemetery, Hunt Hill, Washburn County Food Pantry, and $500 to Shell Lake Library and Spooner Library. Jan Bliss made a motion to donate the same amount to the same organizations. Seconded by Tim Jung. Vote by voice vote. Passed with all ayes.

Financial – Went over the 2014 financial report. Discussion

Oak Lake Lot – Thompson Property – Mike Baker was approached by Thompson about the Town buying the lot on Oak Lake. The assessment is $69000. Market study done by David Masterjohn said worth $38000.
Discussion: Site has been used and enjoyed by many throughout the years, can the remaining land be sold off and would it be buildable, any state regulations that the lot would need to be updated, this is not a public access, if land gets sold there will be no more access to lake, are other public access town owned, will extra insurance be needed, why does the town want to buy this and what is the purpose for purchasing lot, letters from Valerie Gieseke and Robert Kibler were read. After much discussion Jan Bliss made a motion to begin the process of purchasing the Oak Lake lot from the Thompsons, not to exceed $40,000. Seconded by Tim Jung. Discussion. Dewight Smith amended the motion to add that the access be kept natural. Seconded by Jill Rivard. Discussion. Motion, by Michelle Jung, to amend the amended motion back to the original motion of the Town try to purchase the lot from the Thompson's not exceeding $40,000. Seconded by Zachary Tranmer. Voting done by paper ballot. Motion passed with 22 yes and 10 no.

New business – Election post for Town Elections. Suggestion of putting something on website about who is running.

Town Clean Up – Labor Day weekend

The 2016 Annual Meeting date will be Tuesday April 19, 2016 at 6:00pm.

Meeting adjourned Jay Hands / Dave Nelson


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