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April 19, 2016 Town of Madge Annual Meeting

APRIL 19, 2016

Chairman, Mike Baker, called the Annual Meeting to order at 6:00pm.
15 citizens present – Mike Baker, Michelle Jung, Travis Olson, Jan Bliss, Jay Hands, Jerry Nielson, Kevon Cronk, Derrick Olson, Linda Lennox, Bill Lennox, Bill Olson, Barb Olson, Tom Dahlmeirs, Charlie Haugen, Zachary Tranmer.

Vote will be by voice vote unless otherwise noted.

The minutes from 2015 Annual Meeting were read and approved.
Jan Bliss / Bill Lennox Passed

Financial Report – Discussion of 2015 Finances

Donation Requests – Keep the same amounts to the same organizations as 2015 - $7000 total, $1000 to Hospice, Humane Society, Long Lake First Responders, Evergreen Cemetery, Hunt Hill, Washburn County Food Pantry, and $500 to Shell Lake Library and Spooner Library
Linda Lennox / Zachary Tranmer Passed

Oak Lake Property - $40,000 was offered and turned down

Leesome Lake Landing – Campground will be closing in near future along with the landing. Sciacca family is willing to work with the town to open some type of easement.

Power Loading at Landings Causing Holes – Hanks Landing had rocks placed. Big Devils & Rockford Landings town is looking into placing slabs. Harmon, Deep Lake and Jesse Landing will need something done, depending on funds.

Town Roads -
Hauled 200 plus loads of gravel last year and will be doing the same this year. Paver patches will be used for blacktop patching on Todd north of Baker, Fenander by Oak Lake needs some blacktop repair work done. Berm on Rockford will need a permanent fix. Culvert on Leesome Lake and erosion control problem ½ mile east of Fenander. Would like to have Derrick Olson do this work. Jay Hands made a motion that the Town Board hire Derrick Olson Excavating to complete this project. Jerry Nielson seconded. Passed with all yes.

Other projects for 2016 will be a wide band or flex patch on Fenander, crack fill Baker, mowing and brushing.
Leesome Lake will be the paving project for 2017. 4000 feet from Fenander east, about 7/10 mile. Approved for a TRIP Grant for $14,000 if completed by 2017.
Reflector posts on Deep Lake Road, Deep Lake stop sign needed and damage in the ditches on Harmon Road. (Jan Bliss and Linda Lennox)

Board of Review and Open Book – Assessor is waiting for tax roll from property lister before setting a date.

2017 Annual Meeting Date – April 18, 2017 at 6:00 pm Jan Bliss / Linda Lennox Passed

Dock at Hanks Landing – Bill Olson will put in as soon as tractor parts come in.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm Jerry Nielson / Barb Olson


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