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April 18, 2011 Road Tour Meeting

Road Tour Meeting
Madge Town Hall

Chairman, Mike Baker, called the road tour meeting to order, at 12:10 pm. Mike Baker, Jay Hands, and clerk Michelle Jung were present.

Devils Lake crack fill and striping
Winselman tail end needs a couple loads of gravel
Morningside needs gravel share with Town of Long Lake
Warren possible crack fill
Wildwood possible crack fill
South Todd Near boat landing need some blacktop patching
Todd Landing no work necessary
Soholt striping and washout by Paul Osborn
Golf good
Todd Park good
Lakeview patch 2 sinkholes; build up two edges by curve
Rockford good
Rockford Landing stone for washout
Gort good
Baker signs by Abs Lake (night arrow and chevron); striping
Cook gravel at intersection; Cook sign and stop sign at intersection
Hess needs a couple loads of gravel
Todd 2 sink holes north of Cook
Todd and Harmon intersection stop sign and Todd sign; needs gravel
Harmon 10 soft spots; From Scott Plasters driveway to County M needs gravel
Harmon Landing erosion
1st Street good
Wohlford ATV signs; 6-8 loads of gravel
Fenander good
Leesome soft spots; washouts
Leesome Lake Landing washout
Moody rutting and soft spots
Moody Lake Landing washout
Spur needs gravel; washouts
Kirby good
Deep Lake breakup by cranberry bog; needs brushing
Deep Lake Boat Landing Old sign post needs to be removed
Hendrickson one patch area
Cipra good
Jesse washout at the hill; curve sign missing; blacktop needs crack fill
Hagen good
Langland needs curve sign
Evergreen gravel at the end
Todd B to Baker striping; patching; ATV sign
Todd M to dead end crack fill
2011 Blacktop project Deep Lake mile. Need to do some research and meet on site with property owners.

Gravel could be 50-60 loads

Crack fill bid out after the May meeting
1. mile Baker, Devils, Jesse = 2 miles
2. Warren and Wildwood
3. Chip seal/crack fill Todd South of B to Soholt

Harmon from Scott Plasters driveway to County M could bid out
All other gravel placement varies throughout the Town. Will have County do.

Mowing all town roads

Brushing Deep Lake

5yr plan:
(2011) Deep Lake Road-Fenander to the T and Hendrickson Road; (2012 & 2013) 2 miles of Baker Road; (2014) Lakeview Road; (2015) Leesome Road from Fenander to County M

Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm


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