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April 15, 2009 95th Annual Meeting

7:00 PM

Voting is done by show of hands. Called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairperson Mike Baker. 17 citizens present.
Minutes from the last Annual Meeting were read and approved. Went over 2008 Financial Report.
DOCK AT HANKS LANDING – The old dock was removed. Had many calls of interest to get a new dock. DNR has a matching fund available. Chairperson has three bids: (1) 16ft. with a 6ft. approach (ramp) 5 ft. wide with aluminum wheels - $2000; (2) floating dock - $3500; (3) another aluminum dock - $2500. Bill Olson made a motion to purchase proposal #1. Doug Smith seconded. Discussion: Dorie Washburn-Would it accommodate the lake level rising and falling. Chair-Would have to adjust as needed. It would also be taken out in the fall and put back in spring. Jay Hands – One of the reasons for eliminating the old dock was maintenance. Volunteers are going to be needed. And, would all lakes then need a dock? Jan Bliss – Is there a liability issue? Chair – Insurance Company said no liability. Chair – would need to do some blacktopping and possibly other improvements. Motion passed with a vote of 16 yes and 0 no.
DOGS AT LARGE – The Town Board has new warning tickets from Washburn County to issue for dogs at large.
DONANTIONS – Past year donations: $1000 to Humane Society, Hospice, First Responders, Evergreen Cemetery, Hunt Hill. $500 to Food Pantry, Shell Lake Library, Spooner Library. Dorie Washburn – Would like to see the Food Pantry donation increased. Jay Hands – Would like to see an increase or decrease across the board, not just individual. The Town of Madge might also see hard times in the future. Linnea Oleson – The libraries sometimes need funds matched from local entities. Computers are used for job searches. Jan Bliss made a motion to keep all recipients of donations as they were with an increase of $500 to food pantry. Seconded by Karen Kaufman. Motion passed with 17 yes and 0 no.
ROAD IMPROVEMENTS – Read minutes from the April 9 Road Tour meeting. Oak Lake – Town Board will approach Thompson about land possibly being donated to the Town for the purpose of public boat landing. Karen Kaufman – Winselman road sign is down.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN – The commission is looking over the 9 elements. Ron Rosencran – The commission is looking over Washburn County’s subdivision ordinance and what to do for Towns subdivision ordinance. Cell Tower ordinance – The County’s seems to meet the Towns needs. Wind Turbines could need discussion.
Mary Ann Thortenson – Where are we with the buoy’s for Little Devils Lake? Mike Baker – They will be ordered for next year.
Bill Olson – Long Lake water level. Mike Baker – The draw down needs to start in September and be 1” a week. This has not been done the last two years. Highway Commissioner is in charge of draw down.
Town Clean Up – There is money in the budget. Board will set a date at a future meeting.
Someone is using bottom of Cook Road as a dump.

Next Meeting – April 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm. – Paul Amacher made a motion, seconded by Dorie Washburn. Motion passed with 17 yes and 0 no.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm


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