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April 14, 2010 96th Annual Meeting

6:00 PM

Called to order at 6:00 pm by Chairperson Mike Baker. 11 citizens present at 6:00, 13 at 6:40.
Doug Smith, Anita Galli, Bill Olson, Tony Weber, Jane Rueter, Mike Baker, Jay Hands, Michelle Jung, Bill Lennox, Linda Lennox, Derrick Olson, Jan Bliss (6:35), Zach Tranmer (6:40).
Minutes from the last Annual Meeting were read and approved.
Yearly update from Chairperson, Mike Baker:
Dock for Hank’s boat landing has been purchased and was in for most of last summer. Still waiting for the DNR grant to be paid. The Town Hall has a new back door and is now locked at all times. UDC ordinance has been passed with Jon Mattson hired as the building inspector. Plan Commission is working on chapter 9, implementation, of the Plan. The Road Tour will be some time this month. Will look at improving the blacktop roads we have instead of blacktopping new roads.
Floor Opened:
Tony Webber – Is there a legal requirement that other lakes also get a dock at landings? Chair – That would be a DNR issue. The dock at Hank’s Landing is handicap accessible and needs one more bumper.
Bill Olson – Long Lake water level is up to normal. Not hearing complaints.
Jane Rueter – Oak Lake landing – Mike Baker talked to Jerry Thompson and he would be interested in working with the Town to sell some land for public access. There is an access for property owners only.
Bill Lennox – Does Hank’s Landing still need to be blacktopped? Chair – The County’s blacktop was inadequate last year, so did not get it done. Will look at blacktopping the landing and a path to the privy at the Town Hall this year.
Snowmobile Route – Rolling Hills snowmobile and ATV club is working with private landowners to get the snowmobile trail off the town roads. If they don’t get all the landowners to sign a deal, they might want to look at the town right-of-way.
Financial Statement – went over
Donations – will stay the same as last year. $7000 total donations. $1000 to Hunt Hill, Hospice, First Responders, Evergreen Cemetery, Food Pantry, Human Society and $500 (each) to Shell Lake and Spooner libraries.
Next meeting is April 13, 2011 at 6:00 pm. Motion by Jan Bliss, seconded by Jay Hands. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45


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