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April 13, 2011 Annual Meeting

6:00 PM

Called to order at 6:00 pm by Chairperson Mike Baker. 9 citizens present at 6:00, 10 at 6:25.
Mike Baker, Jay Hands, Michelle Jung, Jan Bliss, Tim Jung, Ron Rosencran, Roger Koerner, Scott Plaster, Mary Reiter, and Zach Tranmer (6:25).
Minutes from the last Annual Meeting were read and approved.
Financial Report – Went over
Road Report – The 5-year plan would be (2011) Deep Lake Road-Fenander to the T and Hendrickson Road; (2012 & 2013) 2 miles of Baker Road; (2014) Lakeview Road; (2015) Leesome Road from Fenander to County M. This years additional road work would be to continue gravel on Moody and Harmon Roads, fix frost heaves, chip seal (Todd south, Rockford, Jesse), crackfill (Jesse, Devils and Soholt). This past season the Town spent $35-$40,000 on snow and ice. The Board might have to consider raising the price for plowing driveways.
Mary Reiter – Alder Lake has a bad frost heave.
Fire Hall – The hall is over 100 years old and doesn’t meet the current needs. District bought land and will be building a new hall. Hoping not to have to raise fire dues.
Roger Koerner – Why are the screen doors off town hall? They were not handicap approved and the wind had blown them until they broke. Could look into getting fans or possibly an air conditioner.
Plan Commission Report – Land Division Ordinance, catalog of town owned properties, high capacity wells, and revising Chapter 9 are all things worked on this past year. Items that are being worked on this year – catalog town culverts, 5-year plan in writing and on the web, more joint meetings between Town Board and Plan Commission, high capacity wells, factory and wind turbine farms, and revising Chapter 9. Did look into the Town having a warning siren. The expense would be too high.
Oak Lake Property – The east side public landing is part of the subdivision and intended for property owners only. Thompson property, right near Fenander road, has always been used as a public landing. It is not public but rather a privately owned parcel. Jerry Thompson has contacted Mike Baker about the Town buying this parcel. It is 4.408 acres with 200 feet of frontage and is listed on the tax roll for $69,500. The town could possibly sell some of the extra land. Thompson donated the 5 acres on Lakeview road many years age. Maybe he would consider an exchange of land since the parcel on Lakeview might be easier to sell. The consensiouse of the citizens present was that Mike Baker continues looking into purchasing, but not for $69,500.
Ambulance Charges – The cost for ambulance service will be raised by $3.71 per capita. North Memorial wants to go to 24hr. coverage for an additional cost of $1.50 per capita. The total for ambulance care would be $16.76 per capita. The $1.50 raise is optional and the Town Board wants citizen input as to whether the Town should agree to this. Unanimous support was given.
Donations – The donation amounts from the past are - $1000 to Hospice, Evergreen Cemetery, First Responders, Food Pantry, and Hunt Hill. $500 to Shell Lake library and Spooner library. Jay Hands – with expenses becoming what they are would like to see all donations cut to $500. Roger Koerner – Motion to leave donations as they were last year. Tim Jung seconded motion. Jan Bliss – motion to amend the motion to change the amount donated to $750 for all receiving $1000 in the past. Ron Rosencran seconded the motion. Zachary Tranmer – Should leave the same as last year for community based organizations. A lot of people in Madge benefit from them. Jan Bliss rescinded her motion. Ron Rosencran rescinded his second of the motion. Motion on the floor is to leave all the donations the same as last year, but the organizations have to ask for the donation. Voting is done by show of hands. Motion passed with 9 yes and 1 no.
98th Annual Meeting Date – April 11, 2011 at 6:00 pm at the Madge Town Hall. Motion made by Michelle Jung. Seconded by Jan Bliss. Motion passed with 10 yes and 0 no.
Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.


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